How your lobby or entrance way represents your visual brand.

July 19, 2018by ContempoDesignFrom ReneePlaces

Lobbies play one of the most important spaces in your office because they are the first impression employees, prospects, customers and clients see when they visit your space. They also reflect and extend your brand into your environment.

Previously lobbies have acted as a waiting room area for customers, patients, and visitors, but today the trend is that they play a crucial role for common space including employee gatherings and even event space!

Lobby design is vital for employee health and productivity but also branding. Simple company and logo signage, wall murals, paint color upgrades, consistent messaging and intro to the company’s corporate color palette and perhaps vision statements, can transform your lobby into a brand ambassador that gives an unforgettable first impression and communicates the company’s values and mission through its design.

At Contempo, we follow this procedure when branding a lobby space.

Step 1: Sit down meeting with client to discuss their vision/needs. Take measurements of space in question, and photos on site.
Time: 1 day

Step 2: Submit general pricing to get approval on budget for overall project.
Time: 3 days

Step 3: Create inspiration boards/mockups for each area, to provide to client with options for what can be placed in each location
Time: 1 week

Step 4: Using measurements, make scale mockups in Adobe Illustrator of each wall to figure out exactly how big each design element/signage piece should be so we can send out to print vendors for quoting – base this on what Contempo recommends and client likes from inspiration boards above.
Time: 1 week

Step 5: Production of actual artwork flat mockups to scale and photo mockups
Time: 1 week

Step 6: Revisions based on client feedback.
Time: 3 days to 1 week

Step 7: Setup of print ready signage pieces – send to print.
Time: 3 days

Step 8: Oversee printing/signage production process, proofing on site at print shop,  install/finalize project details.
Time: 2-3 weeks for production

Total time: 6-8 weeks from start to completion depending on size/scope of project.
*If you need a project done in a faster time frame depending on size/scope of project we can accommodate those needs.