Pivoting Live Events To A Virtual Platform

November 13, 2020by ContempoBlogEvent0


How do you pivot a live event to a virtual event? And where should you start?

These were the questions we asked ourselves this summer as we realized our Annual Female Entrepreneur Summit was going to need to be adapted due to the pandemic.

On October 28th, we hosted our first ever virtual FES event and it was a huge success! Below are our top five take-aways that we learned from making the switch from live to virtual.

    1. Research Virtual Platforms: For us we needed a platform that could handle multiple sessions, networking and “virtual booths” for our sponsors. With so many platforms, it’s important to put in the research to find which one checks all your needs.
    2. Plan Early: This goes without saying. Whether your event is live or virtual, having a plan and having the time to execute the plan is essential for success.
    3. Find the right partners: Partners include designers, production experts, social media and marketing support and even studio/staging vendors for live-streaming. Having the right partners makes all the difference in the world.
    4. Be Realistic: Don’t expect the number you’re used to. People are burnt out on virtual events, it’s not going to be easy, but providing a live or physical connection will help make your event stand out. For ours, we featured a networking session and giveaways.
    5. Put Your Heart Into It: There are so many wonderful connections to be made and insights heard. A great way to make your event more personal is to include a give back component or non-profit collaboration.

The most important lesson we learned is not to be afraid to pivot your event. When done well, virtual events can be interactive, exciting and engaging and a great way to expand your audience. We encourage you to take the leap into the virtual event world!

For more information or help planning your virtual event, contact us at [email protected].

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