Tips to Help Measure Vehicle Wrap ROI

July 24, 2019by ContempoBlogE-Newsletters


Have you ever driven by the side of a McDonald’s semi with its bright, cheery red color and those yummy giant French fries? Well, I have and I immediately thought “Boy those fries look good!,” even though I hardly ever eat fast food.

Vehicle wraps have continued to grow in popularity as a unique and successful way to reach your market in a “mass appeal” way. If the design is on point and distinguishable, the wrapped trucks are hard to miss. Some may argue that the ROI may be hard to track, but here are some tactics you might consider implementing in order to track your new wraps as part of a successful marketing campaign:


There are ways to create a unique landing page with a unique URL that you can promote on your truck or vehicle wrap. This way, you can review the data tracking and analytics on your site that can give you the specifics on how a visitor got to your page. If that URL is only advertised on your wrap and nowhere else, it’s easy to determine where the calls and visitors are coming from.


Much like the unique URL, you can create a new phone number or use one that’s part of your current package.  If you use a number that’s not published anywhere else, it will be easy to track and your customer support team can log that information.


Perhaps you offer a discount or first-time offer for those calling in who saw the promotion on your truck. Offers are easily trackable, especially if they are specific to one medium versus another.

Employing the aforementioned tactics can certainly help you measure how effective your wrapped truck is.

Now, that’s a wrap!

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